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Your Daily Foundation

Your Daily Foundation

BABYface Foundation Cream

Designed and specially formulated for Asian skin, BABYface foundation cream formulation has a high reputation in giving Japanese girls the natural daily look without putting on too much make up.

it is the really smooth and blends easily with hand or brush application.It is so lightweight that you barely feel like you are wearing anything on your skin.

Feels like if i walking out of the house with a naked face but in , it has enough coverage to even out your uneven skin tone and cover up open pores.

High in SPF50 so you don't need to worry about forgetting to apply sunblock, just do your usual skin regime and apply the BABYface foundation cream.

Shine & Glow

BABYwhite UV Whitening Lotion

The Purest Formula 【PARABEN FREE 】Body & face cream has a pure Whitening and Anti Aging formula. With TARA tree, Cynanchum atratum extract, Sun flowers seed extract as the main active ingredient, the whitening lotion will even out your skin tone in a natural and smooth way.

【BABYwhite】will protect your skin from the dangerous sun rays. The whitening Cream gives you a complete UV protection and moisture. The cream will correct any discoloration and imperfections, such as blemishes, scars, age spots and freckles.

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